Jules as well as Monty Filming = Finished As of 11am last Wednesday

Jules as well as Monty Filming = Finished As of 11am last Wednesday (aka Monday, January 17th) the main cast plus crew connected with Jules plus Monty (the web series I remarked about all those several months ago around thispost) BUNDLED principle pictures!!! WAHOOOOO!

For being fair, we all still have a good month with post-production in order to jump straight into, but generally speaking we will are in possession of our trips back to consider how to be students all over again (ha ha) and will commit our Wednesdays at the TUTV station looking at rough haircuts until all is finished… insanity.

It turned out a long weekend— lovingly usually a ‘party weekend’— where we featured FOUR DAYS TO WEEKS in a row, covering 3 different assaults. On Exclusive we even had an amazing opportunity to work together with Dean Coffin, our very own leader of Admission, who located our placed (aka this is my dorm room) to have a cameo as Juliet’s father, George Caine (a name they penned himself)–check out Leader Coffin’s blog! We rebounded everywhere coming from episode almost 8 to situation 13 towards episode 17 and regardless of the odd incredible volume of work we to accomplish, our own marvelous solid and folks pushed throughout to the ending, celebrating each of our wrap that has a trip to Charlie’s, a pizza place in Cambridge, for double Guinness cheddar dairy product burgers and also vanilla smoothies: oh yeah, young children and can how to rejoice in.

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Now 2 weeks . matter of attaching up shed ends: Benjamin, our manager, has secured himself gone in the enhancing room to make certain that what you look at on YouTube inside March is an effective representation of our own series; Trying to find working on marketing promotions outlets together with talking to musicians; Ed is actually combing via countless hours regarding Vlog Vlog material, typically the backstage vlog; and Emma and Claire, our asst directors, occasion our very important Wrap Event.

On STRUT 1st all of our trailer, The facebook, and tweet will be announced into the stratosphere, so look out for in which, and then at March 10 Jules and even Monty shall be an actual the real world web series and will summer on YouTube with his first only two episodes… yikes, it’s many coming with each other now.

Numbers, Stats, and The Entertaining Things You Can Do Along with them

Statistics are fun. Quantification is the model human technique for progress, whether it is the number of Facebook or myspace friends, famous actors on Yelp, revenue the quarter, share prices, or touchdowns have scored. Even better, all of us are surrounded by databases of numbers describing all kinds of things around united states. As a man or women with categorical tendencies, I just get crazy about doing this easy numbers, so that a computer technology major, Let me00 automate which will process. Within the past hackathons I’ve been so that you can, when I wasn’t working on my very own official project, I have worked I’d make sure to interpret many of these numbers.

The earliest weekend connected with February is the Tufts Hackathon, which I co-organized with my mate Will. Therefore, I used up most of the party moving recliners, feeding persons, passing out swag, and tweeting. Now, I have always noticed a casual relationship between this attendance for hackathons as well as frequency of tweets which send out. Seated on a computer system all night might inspire one to broadcast really your 140-character thoughts. My partner and i figured I had created formalize this particular theory that has a graph:


Purple discos are my very own tweets. Pinkish bars tend to be days When i was at hackathons. Suspicions affirmed.

In fact , often the numbers avoid lie: this average facebook per day is 1 . 234; my ordinary tweets a day during hackathons is 8. 333. The following is the bit about Python codes that I used to figure out ‘em.


You can see with the line details that this is really a snippet from your middle connected with my exchange. For qualifications, I’ve gained days, an index of tweets each day (which I got using the Forums API), in addition to hackathons, here are the dates I was at hackathons. I get the average for tweets general by summing up the amount of twitter updates and splitting by the length of time, and the typical hackathon twitter updates and messages by adding upward tweets each day for each working day I was in a hackathon, plus dividing by the number of days I used to be at hackathons.


Subsequently, at PennApps, I was experimenting with the Rotten Tomatoes API and family pets, and I identified the following judgements:

  • Movies about cats and flicks about k-9s are both equally well liked (average audience score of 62%)

  • Movies concerning cats of which mention pet dogs do 23% worse than patients that don’t mention pups.

  • Movies about dogs which mention cats do ony 16% more painful than all their counterparts which don’t speak about dogs.

  • Poultry movies undertake nearly twice as well whenever they mention during the description that they are about hen chickens.

If you think it is ridiculous / made up, examine code. My partner and i included recommendations on how to manage it oneself, so try it out and see what you think!

Think my statements are 100 % false? Am i not misinterpreting the info? Want to listen to the relatively sketchy points I did inside the Twitter job that made me too embarrassed to put the whole codebase on the net (Hint: look at the units in the x-axis)? Get away from a feedback or twitter update at people!

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