English Premier League Betting

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If it comes to soccer in India I-League is your domestic competition, and the World Cup is #1 watched international competition. But English Premier League is the most famous. In fact, it is not unusual to read about crazed football fanatics in Kolkata really getting into conflicts over their devotion to Manchester United or MU’s bitter rival Chelsea. Whilst this certainly absurd to the rest of us, EPL is a great soccer league to follow if you’re a sports bettor. Here’s why:
In India, being in the company of taking bets is illegal and so no online betting sites operate here. To be able to take advantage of this, many European Bookmakers such as www.bet365.com today targets Indian betting via the internet. These websites offer us the ability to deposit, money, and bet in rupees and since they’re licensed and legal under European and International law, Indian governments don’t have any jurisdiction over them. Considering no one has ever been arrested (nor has anybody been fined) for wagering online from India, gambling at these websites is safe wager.
Though most UK licensed gambling sites do provide India’s I-League, in addition to international football competitions, this is not their speciality. The most significant wagering limits exist in their most significant markets, and for football there’s no market larger in the UK than English Premier League. If you are a high roller, or just wish to get into after a league using a huge international following, this is just one. In the remainder of this article I’ll cover information about EPL, the best betting site to bet it, then conclude with EPL betting plan.

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